Download a binary suitable for your OS at the releases page

Quick Install (shell)

Supported Platforms : Linux and MacOS. You can install or update glab with

  curl -sL | sudo sh


  curl -s | sudo sh

Installs into usr/bin

Note : Please take care when running scripts in this fashion. Consider peaking at the install script itself and verify that it works as intended.


Available for download via WinGet, scoop or the downloadable exe installer file.


  winget install glab

Updating :

  winget install glab


  scoop install glab

exe Installer

exe installers are available for download on the releases page.


Prebuilt binaries available at the releases page.

Linuxbrew (Homebrew)

  brew install glab

Updating :

  brew upgrade glab


Make sure you have snap installed on your Linux Distro

  1. sudo snap install --edge glab
  2. sudo snap connect glab:ssh-keys to grant ssh access.

Arch Linux

glab is available through the gitlab-glab-bin package on th AUR or download and install an archive from the releases page. Arch Linux also supports snap.

  yay -Sy gitlab-glab-bin

or any other AUR helper of your choice.

KISS Linux

glab is also available on the KISS Linux Community Repo as gitlab-glab. If you already have the community repo configured in your KISS_PATH you can install glab through your terminal.

  kiss b gitlab-glab && kiss i gitlab-glab