glab repo create

Create a new Gitlab project/repository


Create a new GitHub repository.

glab repo create [path] [flags]


# create a repository under your account using the current directory name
$ glab repo create

# create a repository under a group using the current directory name
$ glab repo create --group glab-cli

# create a repository with a specific name
$ glab repo create my-project

# create a repository for a group
$ glab repo create glab-cli/my-project


      --defaultBranch master   Default branch of the project. If not provided, master by default.
  -d, --description string     Description of the new project
  -g, --group string           Namespace/group for the new project (defaults to the current user’s namespace)
      --internal               Make project internal: visible to any authenticated user (default)
  -n, --name string            Name of the new project
  -p, --private                Make project private: visible only to project members
  -P, --public                 Make project public: visible without any authentication
      --readme                 Initialize project with
  -t, --tag stringArray        The list of tags for the project.

Options inherited from parent commands

  --help   Show help for command


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