glab repo archive

Get an archive of the repository.


Clone supports these shorthands

  • repo
  • namespace/repo
  • namespace/group/repo
glab repo archive <command> [flags]


glab repo archive profclems/glab
glab repo archive  # Downloads zip file of current repository
glab repo archive profclems/glab mydirectory  # Downloads repo zip file into mydirectory
glab repo archive profclems/glab --format=zip   # Finds repo for current user and download in zip format


  -f, --format string   Optionally Specify format if you want a downloaded archive: {tar.gz|tar.bz2|tbz|tbz2|tb2|bz2|tar|zip} (Default: zip) (default "zip")
  -s, --sha string      The commit SHA to download. A tag, branch reference, or SHA can be used. This defaults to the tip of the default branch if not specified

Options inherited from parent commands

      --help   Show help for command


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